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our mission

To connect businesses with the funding that they need to prosper across Europe and Asia while promoting revolutionary products, services, industries, and technologies.

our philosophy

To provide customer-centric financial services and solutions in an ethical manner.

the vision

A united global market with easily accessible funding for innovative businesses.

About us

Established in 2007, TK Enterprise is a reputable strategic investment company with a goal to offer accessible funding to small and medium businesses in a diverse field of industries. We are dedicated to developing our vast network of partnerships across Asia and Europe with a focus on supporting innovation, new talents, and unique perspectives.

With successful projects ran across 7 countries, we have evolved a time-tested and proven financial strategy. With a diverse portfolio of financial instruments and a large capacity of investment potential we continue to look for new opportunities and new long-term capabilities in utilizing our strategies. 

This is the outlook that has allowed us to acquire some of the most profitable financial positions and investments across the globe, operating with both private and institutional investors. The team that we have gathered includes renowned specialists across the entire financial field. We are committed to never letting a golden opportunity pass us by.

Our approach focuses around developing risk-minimizing and resilient positions which can stand the test of market fluctuations. It is this disciplined approach that has helped us grow our investments and unlocked their potential. We trust in our investments, and our partners trust in us. That is the foundation on which we have built TK Enterprise.